Co-founders Zara Watkins and Dana E. Heitz

Co-founders Zara Watkins and Dana E. Heitz


In February 2016, Dana E. Heitz co-founded Deliberate Solos, a group of solo lawyers and the professionals who assist them. Part networking group, part business development incubator, and part pop-up law firm, Deliberate Solos meetings are a chance to get feedback on issues in cases and conundrums in practice management.

Deliberate Solos meets on the third Wednesday evening of every month. Meetings feature group discussions, member presentations, and outside speakers from a range of areas such as business coaching and organizing our professional lives. For more information about the group's next meeting, contact Dana or e-mail the group.

Hear About Deliberate Solos

Dana and her co-founder Zara Watkins were honored to be invited to the Legal Marketing Studio Podcast to discuss their networking group, Deliberate Solos. They discussed how the group supports solo attorneys in overcoming challenges through networking, business development, and a “pop-up law firm” environment.  

Upcoming Meetings

Past Meetings

  • November 2017: Achievements in 2017 and Goals for 2018
  • October 2017: Cannabis Café in New York City? CLE on Cannabis Law with Noah Potter and Janice Henderson
  • September 2017: Cybersecurity with Jessica Robinson
  • July 2017: Class Actions with Jessica Sleater
  • June 2017: PR for Lawyers with Janet L. Falk
  • May 2017: Nurture Your Network with Randi Rosenblatt
  • April 2017: Productivity Hacks Redux
  • March 2017: IP Potpourri with Steven Chin and Janice Henderson (our first CLE!)
  • February 2017: Business Habits You Need with Jonathan Chasin
  • January 2017: Getting Organized in 2017 with Sarah Stimson
  • November 2016: Maximizing Wealth with Marcel Havyarimana
  • October 2016: Consumer Defense Practice Feature with Jesse Langel
  • September 2016: Business Skills for Solos with Executive Coach Chaya Abelsky
  • July 2016: Cybersecurity Insurance with Garry Smalley
  • June 2016: Risk Management for Solos
  • May 2016: Bankruptcy Practice Feature with Jim Shenwick
  • April 2016: Solo Hacks
  • March 2016: Thought Leadership
  • February 2016: Introductory Meeting